Lobby Display

The Lobby Display component is designed to show the students that are waiting to be seen.  It can display your department's name and location as well as the student's name, where they are in line and where they need to go when called.


Simple to Use

The Lobby Display window is designed to show your department name and its location.  It also shows the student's name and where they are in line.  When the student is assigned to an adviser, the software will update itself to show the name of the adviser and where the student needs to go.


Fully Customized

Our Lobby Display component can be fully customized. This means you decide which features are turned on and exactly how you want it to work for your area(s).

No Additional Charge

Our Lobby Display component comes free with the purchase of our software.  It also does not take up a user license.  For more information regarding this component please call 1.866.317.0256 or email us at support@whos-next.com.

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