Find Out Why Who's Next is the Most Advanced Student Tracking System Designed for Schools!

Here's just a small list of features Who's Next has to offer...

Allows students to sign themselves in.

Staff can see "who's next in line" and record each student's visit.

75+ real-time reports

Text Messaging service can text students when they are ready to be seen.

Lobby Display shows students where they are in line via a TV monitor.

Tasks Manager helps track which tasks need to be completed for a student.

Appointment Scheduler allows students to schedule appointments online.

What People Have to Say...

Who's Next has revolutionized how we collect data and track the services we provide to our students. The system is extremely user friendly and the data the software provides [has been used] to improve services we provide to our students. The customer services and support is top notch. All my questions and request are answered within in 24 hrs. I recommend Who's Next to any college. Best system on the market! 

Melvin Thompson
Polk State College

We’ve been using Who’s Next [since early 2017] and I can’t imagine life without it.  Even as a small institution, the impact has been great.  We started with our small One-Stop staff and Advising team as the initial users and have had so much success with it that we’ve added all of Student Services (Admissions, Testing Center, Disability Services, Career Services, Records, and more) and now even have our satellite campuses are jumping on board.  Who’s Next has become second nature to staff who use it – second only to our SIS. We love it!

Sara Skinner

Lake Michigan College