The ULTIMATE Student Services Tracking System for
High Schools, Colleges and Universities 

Who's Next™ has been the premier software program used to track student visits for over 18 years

 Whether you want to better track your students for one department, or if you’re part of a One-Stop area with multiple lobbies, Who’s Next™ can help manage your intake of students and record their visits.

Queuing Software for
High Schools, Colleges & Universities

Who's Next™ has been designed specifically for high schools, colleges & universities.

With our software you can:

  • Monitor students waiting in your lobby

  • Track student wait times

  • Track average session times

  • Run daily, weekly & monthly reports

  • Allow students to sign themselves in

  • Text students waiting to be seen


Everyone Benefits From Who's Next™
Get the Data You Need, When You Need It

Who's Next™ comes with over 75 customized reports!

Multiple Components...One Amazing Program!

Who's Next™ comes with 4 interacting components:     

  • Student Sign-In Station: this component serves as a kiosk and allows students to sign themselves into your department’s lobby.

  • Lobby Display: this component allows students to see where they are in line. After signing themselves in, they can look at a flat screen monitor to see their place in line.

  • Auto Import Wizard: this component allows your master data system to automatically import your currently enrolled students into the Who's Next database.  These jobs can be scheduled to run at anytime of the day (i.e. midnight and/or midnight).

Feature-Rich Enterprise Solution

Multiple Departments

Lobby Alerts


On-Premise or Cloud Hosting

Encrypted & Secure

Trusted Since 2001

Who's Next has revolutionized how we collect data and track the services we provide to our students. The system is extremely user friendly and the data the software provides [has been used] to improve services we provide to our students. The customer services and support is top notch. All my questions and request are answered within in 24 hrs. I recommend Who's Next to any college. Best system on the market! 

Melvin Thompson
Polk State College

Northeast was in search of a waiting queue to better serve our students and improve accountability. After researching many products, Northeast received a recommendation from TJC on Who’s Next software. Who’s Next met all our needs, Northeast has been able to efficiently capture data and track services within our community. Everything from data entry to running reports, is very logical and straightforward. Our iPad’s and display monitors have taken us to a 21st-century technology level. Jody Orozco has provided excellent customer service and is very knowledgeable of the product. Northeast recommends Who’s Next to any college.

Erika Garza
Academic Success Coach Director
Northeast Texas Community College

I had a Who’s Next licensed user stop me the other day to tell me that when he first heard about Who’s Next, he couldn’t believe that we were spending the money on a program that gave office assistants an excuse to have less contact with students, and he truly believed it would destroy our customer service. He immediately apologized for thinking that way, as he noticed his students appreciated the efficiency in which he was able to process their arrival and get them back to office. While he also appreciates knowing why his students were here to see him, he loves the product even more because he can run reports and provide much more accurate student advising numbers to his supervisor! He said it was hard to admit he misjudged the product (and my intentions for the use of the project), but he felt I needed to know just how much he really likes/loves it!

Danya Bailey
Director of Advising
Temple College

The Most Advanced Student Services Software on the Market!

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Who's Next is a Windows-based, feature-rich, student services tracking system for high schools, colleges and universities. Available as a cloud-hosted or on-premise enterprise solution.

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